Why is my cat running away from me? Do they trust me, or not?

There are a few reasons why your cat might run away from you when you approach. They may feel threatened or uncomfortable, even if they love you. It’s important to build mutual trust and respect your cat’s boundaries in order to create a closer bond. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why your cat may be avoiding you.

Why is my cat running away from me? Do they trust me, or not?
Why is my cat running away from me? Do they trust me, or not?

Why is your cat running away from you?

1. They feel threatened or uncomfortable

Even if you have the best intentions, your cat may feel threatened or uncomfortable when you approach them. They may feel threatened or uncomfortable, particularly if you approach them too quickly or make sudden movements. Cats also like to have their own space and may feel claustrophobic if they’re constantly being pawed at or picked up.

2. They’re not used to being around humans

If your cat isn’t used to being around humans, they may be scared of you. Cats are not naturally inclined to be around humans as they are solitary creatures. They may run away from you because they feel threatened or uncomfortable in your presence. This is especially true if you’re a new owner or if you just moved into a new home. It may take some time for your cat to get used to you and feel comfortable around you.

3. They don’t like being picked up

Some cats simply don’t like being picked up, and will run away from you if you try to pick them up. It’s not that your cats don’t like being picked up, petted or held. It’s just that they’re not used to it. Most cats are independent by nature and prefer to be on their own terms. When you try to pick them up, they may feel scared or trapped and instinctively try to escape.This is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about. If your cat doesn’t like being picked up, just respect their wishes and don’t try to pick them up.

4. They’re feeling sick or stressed

If your cat is feeling sick or stressed, they may run away from you when you approach. Cats are very good at hiding their problems. So if they get sick, they might run away to hide it. This is their way of trying to escape the situation and find a place to hide. If your cats are experiencing any of these symptoms, they may need to see a veterinarian:

– Loss of appetite

– Vomiting

– Diarrhea

– lethargy or depression

– Difficulty urinating or defecating

– Respiratory distress

– Seizures

If your cats are exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s important to take them to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can help improve your cats’ chances for a full recovery.

5. They’re in heat

If your cat is in heat, they may run away from you when you try to approach them. This is because they’re looking for a mate and want to avoid humans. If your cat is in heat, you should keep them indoors and away from other cats to prevent them from getting pregnant. Additionally, when cats are in heat, their bodies go through some big changes that cause them to behave differently. For example, their hormones go crazy, which can make them more aggressive and less likely to want to be around people. Additionally, the increased blood flow to their genitals makes them very sensitive, so even being petted can be uncomfortable. Plus, they’re probably feeling a bit insecure since they’re not sure what’s going on with their bodies. All of these factors can lead your cats to run away from you when they’re in heat.

6. They don’t trust you

If your cat doesn’t trust you, they may be less likely to let you approach them. This can be due to a lack of socialisation or mistrustful experiences in the past. It could be something as simple as you not spending enough time with them or playing with them enough. Cats are very social creatures and need lots of attention from their owners in order to feel secure and trusted. Another reason could be that you have accidentally done something to startle or scare them in the past. If you have ever yelled at them or hit them, they will definitely not trust you. Lastly, it could just be their personality. Some cats are naturally more distrusting than others and there isn’t really anything you can do about it.

7. They want to explore

Many cats are curious by nature and want to explore their surroundings. This can lead them to run away from you when you approach, as they’re more interested in exploring than staying with you. They may want to explore their surroundings, or they may simply not be used to being around people. If you have recently adopted your cats, they may need some time to adjust to their new home and get comfortable with you and your family. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that your cats are safe and secure, and that they have a way to get back home if they do run away. If your cat likes to explore, make sure they have a safe place to do so and don’t try to stop them.

What can I do to help my cat stop running away from me?

If you think your cats are running away because they’re afraid of you, try to make yourself less intimidating by sitting down on their level and speaking calmly to them. You may also want to give them some treats so they associate you with positive feelings. If your cat feels threatened, they may run away from you as a way to escape the situation.

If you want your cats to be more comfortable with being handled, it will take some patience and training. Start by slowly petting them while they’re sitting on your lap or next to you. Once they’re used to that, you can try picking them up for short periods of time. Reward them with treats and positive reinforcement every step of the way so they know that they’re doing something right. With a little time and effort, your cats will learn to tolerate – and even enjoy – being picked up, petted and held

If your cats don’t trust you, try to be patient and understanding. Spend more time with them, give them plenty. If your cat is running away from you, it’s a good idea to try and build their trust by offering them treats and being patient with them.

How to build trust with your cat?

Cats are very independent creatures, and they can be quite aloof and mysterious. So, how can you build trust with your cat?

Here are a few tips:

1. Be patient. It takes time for cats to warm up to new people, so give them some space and don’t try to force things.

2. Be consistent. Once you’ve established a routine with your cat, stick to it. This will help them feel safe and secure.

3. Offer treats. Food is always a good way to win over a cat’s trust! Try offering them their favourite treat or some catnip.

4. Play together. Spending time playing with your cat is a great way to bond and build trust.

5. Be gentle. Remember that cats are delicate creatures, so handle them gently and avoid sudden movements.

With some patience and understanding, you can build a trusting relationship with your cat!


If your cat is running away from you, it could be for a number of reasons. Fear, curiosity or a lack of trust could all be factors. The best way to deal with the situation is to try and understand why your cat is running away and take steps to address the issue. With some patience and effort, you can build a trusting relationship with your cat and help them feel more comfortable around you.

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