Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer & Review Policy

As a member of the Amazon Associates Program, we are able to maintain and update our site by earning fees for linking to Amazon products. There’s no hidden agenda. We are simply interested in providing the most thorough and comprehensive content about our favorite subject – all things related to our pets!

By taking our time and directing our resources into producing in-depth reviews and detailed buyer’s guide,  our singular focus is helping you find the right product for the right price.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create the most essential content about pet care products and accessories available today. We also aim to make caring for your pet as easy as it can be.

Our Methods

One method of achieving our goal involves posting informative articles about how to choose and ultimately use your next purchase.

A good portion of site consists of product reviews and comparisons, and we want to be upfront about how we put these pages and posts together.

Our Product Review Standards


Each member of our team has deep experience in pet care, from dogs and cats to lizards and rodents. We can talk knowledgeably about pets because we have spent many hours caring for the pets in our lives on a personal and professional level.


Because we know these products and topics inside and out, we can speak with authority about their quality, purpose, and overall value. We are aware of new products as they come on the market. Because we stay focused on the latest developments in the niche, we know a winning product when we see one. And we know the losers, too.

There’s an old axiom that says “write what you know” and we know pets.


Having a voice of authority is a responsibility that we take seriously. So, when something is good, we’ll say it’s good. When something is bad…we’ll say it’s bad, too. We are not beholden to any brand or manufacturer. It’s up to them to impress our team – or not!

The internet has its fair share of competitor sites that claim to be trusted. Instead of making empty claims, we want to show you why we are the most trustworthy site.

An Overview of Our Review Process

There’s nothing more we love than product testing. Because we’re a bunch of animal “fanatics”, we’re positively excited when we get our hands on a new gadget. We test as many products as we can on our own pets, but let’s be honest, we can’t test every single one. Our quest to do more personal testing is never-ending.

Ask for feedback

When we don’t have hands-on experience with a product, we turn to other users and read through customer reviews on major retail websites like Amazon and Chewy. These reviews give us priceless insight into features and drawbacks that our team hasn’t personally encountered. We’re not happy until we have a complete understanding of the products we review.

Consult with experts

“Expert” is a word that gets tossed around freely these days and we prefer to use it sparingly. We want to be sure you’re getting the right information, and even though our team has great experience, not everybody is considered an “expert” in pets. When possible, we consult with our on-staff veterinarian, Dr Alex Benjamin. The best advice is always expert advice.

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Liability Disclaimer

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